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Fiber Coupled Lasers
Optical Fibers




Confocal Microscopy
Particle Analysis
Free Space Comm.


Fiber Collimators

Adjustable Fiber Collimators


Standard Fiber Collimators
New sizes

Fiber collimators FC family
Apertures from 5mm to 24mm with beam sizes from 1mm to 11.5mm.

Large Fiber Collimators

FC40-45-100 Collimators
Large apertures from 49mm to 100mm with beams from 23 mm to 50 mm.

Fused Silica Fiber Collimators
Fused Silica Fiber Collimators
Available in FC5 and FC10 version.

New !
Mid IR Fiber Collimators

Mid IR Fiber Collimators
Covers from 2.5 - 6 µm and yields about a 2 mm beam.

Fiber Focuser

Fiber Focuser Generate micron size spots at large working.

New! Non-Magnetic
Fiber Collimators
Non-Magnetic Fiber Collimators for use in high magnetic fields.

Fiber Receiver

Fiber Receiver Captures all the light that falls into the lens and injects it into multimode fiber.

Custom Fiber Collimators

Custom Fiber Collimators
Customize for your application. Different beam sizes, environmental concerns, wavelength ranges, etc.

SWIR Fiber Collimators

SWIR Fiber Collimators
1500nm to 2300nm
Available on all fiber collimators

Pseudo Collimated Beams

Pseudo Collimator small
Microns size beams that are nearly collimated at some distance.



Fixed Fiber Collimators

Small Fiber Collimstors

Small fiber collimators
Small housing diamters of 2.4mm and 7.1mm with beam of ~0.8mm and 2mm.

RGB Fiber Collimator

RGB Fiber Collimator
Collimates all the red, green and blue light into a single beam

Fixed Fiber Collimators

FCX20 Fixed Focus Fiber Collimator
Available in popular waveelngths with singlemode or PM fiber.



All Fiber Collimators can be customized for your application.