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Gluon I - pdf
RGB Fiber Collimator - pdf


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Gluon I
RGB Lasers

Gluon I RGB diode laser


  • Rugged all fiber design
  • 450nm, 520nm, 640nm
  • Individual laser control
  • Modulation
  • Diffraction limited
  • Fiber Collimator options


The Gluon I RGB Laser is an all fiber design for a rugged module. This module combines 450nm, 520nm and 640nm into a single fiber.

Each laser can be individually addressed and modulated. Standard pigtail length is 1 meter. A 15 pin connector provides control, monitor and and power. Other visible wavelengths are also available.

To collimate the output we also offer an RGB Fiber Collimator with diffraction limited performance.