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Pseudo Collimated Beams

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Pseudo Collimated Beams

FC3 for pseudo collimated


  • Micron size nearly collimated beams
  • Wavelengths from 350nm to 2100nm
  • Long depth of focus
  • Diffraction limited


Trying to generate a collimated beam that is 100 mcorns or less in diameter and well behaived is not an easy task. We have simplified this process using our FC3 fiber collimator adjusted to have a nearly collimated beam over some distaance.

This collimator is adjusted and set to give a nearly collimated beam that is ten's of microns in diameter at a fixed distance from the collimator exit face. Optically the beam has a long depth of focus, meaning the beam is fairly collimated over a long enough space to be able to insert cuvetts or other samples without worrying about sample position.

Standard distances from the collimator exit face are 100mm or 150mm but other distances can be set as well. We can set to popular wavelength but any wavelength from 350nm to 2100nm can be done as well.