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SWIR Fiber Collimators

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SWIR (1500-2300nm) Fiber Collimators

SWIR Fiber Collimators


  • Wavelengths from 1500nm to 2300nm
  • Tune to your wavelength and lock it down
  • Low wavefront error
  • Low beam divergence
  • No epoxy in the optical path


All our High Performance Fiber Collimators are available with the SWIR coating that covers the range from 1500nm to 2300nm. You can tune the fiber collimator to your laser wavelength and lock it down. All collimators have low wavefront error and low beam divergence.

This part of the spectrum has many absorption bands useful to the medical and environmental fields. Also there are many lasers, detectors and spectroments that work in this region. Components in this region are much cheaper than those in the Mid IR or Far IR region.

The Fiber Collimators generate beam sizes from 1mm to 50mm using singlemode type fibers. Multimode fibers will fill the aperture of the collimator. Housing is made of stainless steel with FC or FC/APC receptacal.