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Speckle Reducer - pdf

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Speckle Reducer

Speckle Reducer


  • Usable from 450nm to 950nm
  • No moving parts (no vibrations)
  • Apertures of 2mm, 3mm and 5mm
  • Uniform output
  • High illuminating powers


One of the most annoying aspects of using lasers as an illuminating source is the speckle they produce which can degrade your image. This is due to the coherence of the laser source.

The SK11™ Speckle Reducer improves image quality by reducing the coherence of the laser source. This is accomplished by using a bundle of fibers of different lengths. Each fiber length differs by more than the coherence length of the laser. This makes the SK11™ is an excellent source for microscopic illumination. Using monochromatic light also eliminates any chromatic aberration of the objective lens. Since the SK11 has no moving parts, it produces no vibrational noise. The SK11™ Speckle Reducer is excellent for temporal resolved imaging.

The SK11™ also homogenizes any input beam. A Gaussian input profile is transformed into a homogeneous profile. We have many laser wavelengths available from 375nm to 1600nm which can be used with the SK11™. You can also use most types of lasers in your lab as well.

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