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Fermion III - pdf

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Fermion III Series
Multimode Fiber Coupled Lasers

Fermion III


  • 375 nm to 1064 nm
  • Adjustable output power
  • Coupled to 100 µm core fiber
  • High stability
  • Certified system


The Fermion III Series of Turnkey Fiber Coupled Lasers are designed to make using lasers easy and convenient. All lasers are coupled to popular 100┬Ám core fiber for a consistent beam across all wavelengths. Lasers are also temperature controlled for high output power stability. The laser instrument contains power supply, drivers, laser and all safety features for a complet end user use. No additional controllers, power supplies or safety boxes are required.

A range of discrete wavelengths cover the span from 375nm to 1064nm with linewidths of 2nm or less.

Output power is adjustable using the knob or an external voltage source. The laser can run in CW or pulsed mode. Standard connection uses an FC connector. All lasers come with a 1 meter length of detachable fiber. Longer lengths of fiber are available so that the laser instrument can be located away from the experiment.



375 nm to 1064nm

Wavelength tolerance:

±5 nm, ±10 nm

Spectral width:

<2 nm

Output power:

up to 450 mW

Internal fiber:

100µm core multimode

Back panel:

Interlock, current monitor, temperature adjust, temperature monitor

Front panel:

Modulation, Output adjust

Power requirements:

90-125 VAC, 190-250 VAC, 47-63Hz

Operating temperature:

15 to 30°C (non condensing)

Storage temperature:

0 to 60°C


CDR 21 CFR 1040.10 certified system and
IEC 60825-1.2 compliant for end users.


Wavelengths Available

405 nm, 450 mW

450 nm, 450 mW

473 nm, 450 mW

488 nm, 450 mW

525 nm, 450 mW

637 nm, 450 mW

659 nm, 450 mW

808 nm, 450 mW

830 nm, 450 mW

976 nm, 450 mW


Lower power options are also available for all wavelengths.
Other wavelengths are also available. Please call for your requirements.


A series of Fiber Collimators to generate 2mm to 100mm beams sizes snap onto the end of the fiber to give a collimated beam. Collimators have adjustable focus so you can adjust the spot size.

OEM versions of these lasers are available to OEM users. Other wavelengths, laser combining, additional optics and detectors can be integrated for a customized system.