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Baryson Series

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Fluorescence excitation


Baryon I Series OEM Lasers

Baryon Series


  • 405nm to 1550nm
  • Temperature controlled
  • Singlemode or PM fiber
  • Optical accessories


The Baryon I Series OEM laser modules are coupled to singlemode fiber or PM fiber. The laser module includes drivers for the laser and temperature controller for high stability. A heat sink is built for thermal dissapation.

A series of discrete wavelengths span the range from 405nm to 1550nm. The lasers run in CW mode or can be modulated or pulsed by an external voltage. Output power is adjustable by a voltage input. All lasers are protected from overdriving them.

Output from the fiber gives a spatially clean Gaussian beam. This beam can be collimated using our high performace Fiber Collimators. Or the beam can focused to micron spot sizes using our Fiber Focuser Series. In all cases, the resulting beam is diffraction limited with low wavefront error.