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Optical Accessories - pdf
Radial Polarizer - pdf
Speckle Reducer - pdf

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Optical Accessories

Optical accessories


  • 375nm to 1550nm
  • Optical isolators
  • Focusing optics
  • Radial polarizer
  • Speckle reducer
  • Filters
  • VariFocus



Focusing Lens Assemblies

We offer a series of singlet lenses in a range of focal lengths and coated for diode laser operating wavelengths. They can be used for focusing and fit in the aperture of the Lepton IV laser head. They are an inexpensive way to generate a small spot in a compact package.

For micron to submicron spots we offer standard and long working distance objectives. Long working distance objectives give plenty of room for other optics or probes to be inserted between objective and sample. Since our diode laser are diffraction limited with high output powers, they generate very high power densities at the focused spot.

Optical Isolators

Optical isolators are sometimes required to prevent back-reflections from upsetting the spectral purity or destroying a diode laser. They are available for all of the wavelengths.

Radial Polarizer - ZPol

Radial polarizers are used to turn linear polarized light into radial or azimuthal polarization. With the addidtion of a high NA lens, the radial polarization can be turned into "Z" polarization or polarization oriented in the same direction as light propagation.


Speckle Reducer

Many times one wanst to illuminate an object with high intensity and even illumination. Lasers have the intensity but are too coherence and cause speckle. A way to get around this is to use the Speckle Reducer, SK11. This optical device is totally passive. It can accomodate most lasers and decrease the coherence and give a uniform illumination without speckle.

Speckle Reducer

Other optical elements such as filters, attenuators, polarizers and waveplates are available. Optics can be integrated into the body of the laser to make a compact package.